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Sunday, October 02, 2005

This is What a Satanist Looks Like

Isn't is just a wee bit absurd when the ONLY person protesting Pagan Pride Day is a Satanist?

Yesterday was the Fifth Annual Pagan Pride Day. Thus, I am feeling slightly comatose today. But the event went swimmingly. And we just let our little protester do her thing, cause we pagans are all about free speech. And since she radiates teh crazy, we weren't too concerned about her being taken seriously. Her beef? That by distinguishing ourselves from Satanists, we are disparaging Satanism. Whatev.

Her sign reads "TO PAGANS: Defend your religion without maligning another religious minority." I enjoy the juxtaposition of her standing adjacent to the blood drive sign, which was sponsored by Pagan Pride.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:53 PM 
Blogger Very_Vera said...

Where was this held? That is hilarious!!

1:51 PM 
Blogger The Very Irreverand Bill Baker said...

Well, that protester doe shave a point.

Often times Modern Neo-Pagans tend to misunderstand and demonize Satanism{sometimes blatantly, often accidentally} allmost as much as Fundamentalists do-in the Pagn effort to either make apologetics to, cozy up to, or in the least seek understanding from the Prominent religion of our part of the worlkd-Christianity and Christians.

There's nothing wrong w/Pagans distiguishing themselves from Sstanists and Luciferians, in fact-you should; However, it can be done w/out directly or indirectly feeding the Fundamentalists prejudices about Satanism and Satanists{Luciferianism/Luciferians}.

Not ALL Pagans do this of course, but there are ALOT of fluff bunnies out there and ALOT of them tend towards dooing so.

Now, I myself am a Symbolic Luciferian Satanist;and I disagree w/the very idea of Theistic Satanism{allthough I am aware that it is not about inverse christian evil owrship or devil worship}, as I am in disagreement w/Theism in general{beeing the Deist that I am; my deism beeing sperate from my Symbolic Satanism},
I am also a Universist{and this is my most beloved religious affiliation; not to be confused w/UniverSALism}.

However, there is a New York theistic Satanist whom is well knwon and respected for her apologetics pages on Satanism and theistic Satanism, and personally,I find her articles and essays highly informative and thought-provoking, and respect her views greatly.
Anyways, here are a couple essays that this theistic Satanist Diane Vera has written for Pagans to read:

"Stop Scapegoating Satanists{various Paghan sites and their Non-Satanists disclaimers}"

"Satanism and the history of Wicca"

"Is Satanism Pagan?"

"Is Satanism a 'Christian heresy', Is Satanism 'Abrahamic'"

"Satan as gate-opener: modern western Polytheists and Satan"

"To Pagans, Occultists, and new agers"

"Popular misconceptions about Satanism"

"To Wiccans,Pagans, and Occultists"

It should be noted that I have little or nothing against Pagans and Paganism either{though, as I said, I am not a fan of theism or "faith"}.

Oh, and furthermore, there are Some Satanists/Luciferians whom are just as unduly harsh on Neo-Pagans/Pagans/Wiccans,etc,.I for one do my best to apologize for these groups to the Satanists and Luciferians myself. We may disagree on certain things, but certainly we have reason to be a little more toelrant of each other and on the same page in some ways; or in the least to not fo out of our way to demonize each other.

Anyways, thank you for your time and allowing me to share this info
take care.

In Reason:
The very irreverand Bill Baker

my blogs:
"The Iconoclast Project":
{should be noted that the above blog is very politically incorrect and harsh on absolutist faiths}

"Raving Madman"=

"Day of Reason"=

Visit if you like.

3:54 PM 
Anonymous Lokisgodhi said...

I think that *IS* Diane passing out the paper. I'm not sure, I haven't seen her in about eight years.

11:57 AM 

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