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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Summer of Unemployment

Amazingly, people still check into my long dormant blog. While I continually think, "Hey, I should go update that thing" my motivation is often lacking. But it has been an eventful summer so here's a recap:

When we last left Kim in May, she knew she was getting laid off at the end of June. Surprisingly, she was let go at the end of May instead.

She was asked to come back to her job three weeks later.

After shrewd negotiating (i.e. demanding a three day work week at her full pay), she declined to go back. Too much uncertainty and emotional trauma.

She went to work for a shady non-profit, which may have been a cover for the Russian mafia.

She quit that job two days later.

She rather enjoyed collecting unemployment benefits, and spent a lot of time buying and selling on e-Bay.

She made many plans to begin writing and activist projects, all of which failed due to previously mentioned lack of motivation.

In order to give her weeks some structure, she revived her interest in pottery and ceramics, and began taking classes two days a week.

She sent out resumes, but once July arrived, the entire non-profit world collectively went on vacation.

So Kim continued to plan her own vacation with buddy, Marshall, to Iceland and Amsterdam.

She also spent lots of time loitering in parks with her boyfriend, the Adventurous Wayfarer.

Kim discovers Bookmooch and decides it is one of the best things ever.

Her bathroom is renovated one fixture at a time. But not intentionally, and not well. At the apex, one entire wall is torn down and all the remnants are put in her newly refinished tub. It takes two weeks to get every thing put back together. But it does look marginally better than when they started.

Her best friend from high school died. And it still seems surreal.

But she rediscovered a couple of other good friends from those days, and feels guilty for not staying in touch better.

She sent out a bunch of resumes before leaving on vacation on August 18. She ended up having an interview as she was on her way to the airport, wearing sneakers and a black hoodie.

She went on vacation and had a wonderful time. Iceland is weird. But beautiful. She saw whales, geysers, and a penis museum. Amsterdam is awesome, and she will eventually go back, even though she was emotionally scarred by a nearly naked man swinging over her dinner table on a rope. See her pictures here.

A few weeks later, she took the Adventurous Wayfarer to TN, and he really liked it! They looked at guns at Walmart, ate at Cracker Barrel, and got caught in a tremendous rainstorm on the top of Roan Mountain. Turns out rainstorms on the top of mountains are pretty romantic.

While in TN she gets calls from two other organizations for interviews.

September goes by in a blur of interviews, and spending time with the AW and his family.

The first week of October she has four interviews. (all second and third, all from the resumes she sent out in mid August. Yes, the non-profit hiring process is slower than molasses on a cold January morning). During which time the AW's mother becomes increasingly ill.

Sadly, the AW's mother dies after years of struggling with a chronic illness.

Kim gets two job offers the day before the funeral.

She accepts a job at Doctors Without Borders, and starts on October 23rd. This was the place where she interviewed in sneakers and a hoodie.

It's funny how easy it is to slip in to the routine of not working. I can barely believe that five months have passed, and I've accomplished relatively little. What I've learned is that I am the type of person who needs the structure of a daily routine. I am mildly nervous about starting my new job, but feel like I made the right choice. The last few weeks have been mentally exhausting, so I am hoping to recover over the next couple of days.

Thanks to everyone who has continued to show interest in my life, even though I think you are bizarre, and perhaps misguided.

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Blogger Alli said...

i love you and that's good enough for me.

11:16 PM 
Blogger Dustin said...

Glad to hear things are going well on the work front...Hope you love DWB! It's great to "hear" from ya!

11:52 AM 
Blogger Rebecca said...

So sorry to hear of AW's loss...your jobless adventure was fun to read about. Good luck to you with DWB. now that'll provide some blogging fodder. :)

2:23 AM 
Blogger Char said...

welcome back...

2:03 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kim - I am sorry about your loss...I can't recall who was your best friend, and I am still here (ha ha). Who was it?

-Lea D. (Tn. High '91)

2:01 AM 
Anonymous Steve said...

I think you're a helluva talented writer/storyteller. That's why I kept dropping by. :)

1:16 PM 
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